About us

HFF Immobilier is a real estate agency on a human scale.

With 10 years of professional experience in the field of client-focused consulting, Pit Frisch knows the importance of personalized support in real estate transactions.

Benefit from professional advice for the sale or rental of your property.

HFF Immobilier regularly participates in trade fairs and follows training courses in order to guarantee a thorough knowledge of all regulations and to be up to date with the latest technological tools in the real estate sector.

HFF Immobilier offers you the following services:

  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Property valuation
  • Professional HDR photos and videos
  • 360° virtual tours
  • Virtual Homestaging (virtual layout of the premises)
  • 2D Planning
  • Follow-up from the first contact of the signing of the deed at the notary’s office

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